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About us!

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Welcome to America Minerals

We are the American Minerals team, and we have a straight and clear mission—to help mineral owners sell their minerals and royalties at the highest possible prices.

In case you are working with American Minerals, your property is being introduced to our network of the most famous mineral and royalty buyers – thousands and thousands of them. Put this together with our own platform and your minerals and royalties get the nationwide attention in a fast manner.

Through years of experience in the oil and gas industry, we came to notice that there was a gap in the process of buying and selling mineral rights. There was no such platform where buyers could wander around, searching for their next purchase, or where sellers could pick the best offer to get the highest price. 
Our American Minerals was created to provide a full service platform that makes it easy for sellers to take good decisions. It has been already more than ten years that we help the mineral and royalty owners to sell for the highest possible price. 

The platform is scoured by thousands of qualified buyers per day across the nation, who are looking for the minerals and royalties for sale. Furthermore, we go beyond sales to qualified buyers to offer three other ways of helping mineral owners like you, and they are as follows:


Education: As mineral owners are unlikely to engage in such transactions more than once or twice in their lives, they are understandably wary of how to proceed. They are eager to learn more so that they can ensure they’re paying the right amount. They also expect to be provided with the opportunities to have their voices heard and to be duly represented through the whole process. We have a team of expert advisors who are the best people to ask. There, we supply you with details so that you can comprehend everything in depth. We cover a variety of topics such as the different forms of mineral interests, how to calculate value, selling for the greatest value, mineral buyers, taxes, and many others. 

Pricing: One of the main problems for mineral owners is to get the maximum value for the minerals when selling. The situation was a catch-22 for mineral owners, as they were frequently forced to sell mineral rights for a price much lower than the market value due to limited options and lack of information. 
We solve this problem by providing an opportunity for mineral owners to list their assets on our platform that is big in terms of the number of buyers. Furthermore, our highly-targeted marketing of each minerals and royalties for clients makes sure that each owners property is in the line of sight of buyers who have interest in their area. 
The main thing to getting the highest value when selling mineral rights is competition—and the same goes for anything else. We are working to do this very thing for mineral owners. 

Closing: The closing process is also a contractual process and thus, without any assistance and education, it may be hard to understand. We will ensure that the contract and the mineral deed are written in a way that they are understandable, accurate and that they reflect what the buyer agreed to make you happy. Thus, people get what they desire and what they are ready to take responsibility for. 

We have a clear closing process in American Minerals. Through time, this procedure has been refined so that the process runs smoothly and there are no bumps in the road at the closing table. We have procedures in place that protect the buyer and you as well. Pricing is definitely a factor but it is also as vital to partner with a company that has the experience and caring to lead you. 
By stressing the three main areas we have successfully helped mineral owners to sell mineral rights for the highest possible price, and we are proud to have lots of real client testimonials as evidence of that. 

Why Work with American Minerals

When you search online for information about selling mineral rights, you get a list of hundreds of websites that claim to purchase your property. Which makes you wonder why you should work with American Minerals rather than going directly to the buyers?


It’s simple. 
Our service is 100% committed to the protection of your rights. 
Working with American Minerals will not only ensure that you are paid a higher price, but will also mean that you have a smooth closing process and you know that your transaction will be executed well. 
However, don't just trust us, because we are not the only ones who believe this. 
Read our reviews and get tips and experiences that are shared by the real customers. 
You should know that our website has more information about mineral rights ownership than almost anywhere else. The aim is to teach you everything you need to know about your mineral ownership so you can make the right choices. 
When you blend our enthusiasm, our commitment to providing useful content, and our unwavering effort to help you obtain the highest possible value for your mineral rights, it is clear that you are working with the right crew. 


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