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Why Sell Mineral Rights at American Minerals?

There are so many things to consider when you are going through the process of selling mineral rights that you can feel like you are in a maze. Owning minerals is not only profitable but also comes with a lot of choices.  It is hard to choose where to start. It can be hard to come across genuine information among a swarm of unreliable resources. Besides that, it is also important to make sure that you’re not being taken advantage of. 

In the beginning, our company was established with a simple purpose. To help give mineral owners access to the tools they need to sell mineral rights for optimum value. Years ago we witnessed mineral owners getting exploited and were determined to create a service that would bring about a level playing field. In the past, mineral owners sold their oil and gas properties at a much lower price than the market value because they couldn’t reach a large number of mineral rights buyers. Having little or no information at hand, they had to agree to any offer that was presented to them and pray that they were treated fairly.


American Minerals is now the mineral owners' trusted source for selling their rights to minerals. The American Minerals is the #1 mineral marketplace in the United States of America which is the individual mineral owner's best option. Our success is based on giving the mineral owner’s interests a greater priority than ours and on dedicating all our efforts to increasing value for you. 
Three main reasons why selling mineral rights at American Minerals is beneficial. 
✔️ Mineral Owner Education 

✔️ Mineral Rights Buyers 

✔️ Closing Process

Trusted Partners - American Minerals

One of the reasons that people choose to sell mineral rights at American Minerals is that we can be trusted to put you as a customer first. We structured our company to be 100% aimed at protecting the interests of mineral owners. We know that information is the most important thing for mineral owners so we are always open and honest about all the details of our process.

We have aligned our interests with yours in the following ways:

 ✔️ No Cost to List: While American Minerals does not charge a fee when you sell your mineral rights, we do charge a fee. There is no                                         listing fee and you don’t pay us unless we get you a higher offer than the ones you have on hand.

✔️ No Pressure: At American minerals, we do not practice high pressure sales tactics. We will not, under any circumstances, force our                                     service on you. We just want to clarify your doubts and provide you with information on how our service can save you                                   money. 

✔️ Buyer Paid Commission: When you sell mineral rights at American Minerals, you do not pay any fee to us and you have no upfront                                                         payment. After closing the commission will have to be paid by the buyer or buyers agent.

✔️ Transparency/Honesty: We believe that it is the rights of mineral owners to be treated with transparency and honesty. We are always                                                   open about the mineral owners' rights and never conceal any facts about that. We speak the truth even if we                                                   don’t earn any commission. We hold the strong conviction that what is right for mineral owners is more                                                             valuable than looking for ways to exploit them.

The Bottom Line

Why sell mineral rights with US Mineral Exchange?   For three very important reasons:

✔️ You will be better informed about your mineral rights ownership and learn how to avoid being taken advantage of

✔️ You will be connected to a huge network of mineral rights buyers who compete to pay you the highest price

✔️ You will be working with a partner trusted by mineral owners to help them navigate the process of selling mineral rights

Ready to get started?  

Please fill out the contact form below and tell us a little about your property.  We will be in touch shortly to help!

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